Summer Butterflies

This blog is a dedication to my father written in September of last year. May it bring hope and light as we enter this new year.


Summer Butterflies

My father passed away, his soul contract fulfilled, in the middle of May just as spring was about to bloom and CoVid began to ease its winter grip. As I walked in the early morning hours, just three days before his passing, I received an image of my father sending me a thousand butterflies. Somewhere deep inside was a knowing of what was to come and at the same time I felt peace and calm surrounded by his message. Neither time nor distance separate us from the ones we love.

On the morning of his passing, in the quiet of the still lake as I sat fishing, eagles circled above, keen eyes searching the lake for fish. Perhaps, simply enjoying the air currents blowing away the morning mist to make way for sun dried winds in mid-day. Breathing in the scenic views along the lake shore, fish leaped, teasing schools of pickerel searching for minnows beneath the murky water.  A butterfly gently flitted around our boat. As I watched this beautiful creature gently land on my arm, I was overcome with grief knowing my father had passed. And again, in this moment, I was surrounded by a thousand butterflies bringing comfort to my grief.

As I sat on the lake surrounded by peaceful landscapes that summer, a butterfly always appeared from somewhere and came to land on our boat. It became my centre of focus as I waited patiently for the butterflies arrival. Together, we had great conversations imagined in my memories of times shared with my father.  Red licorice, a staple snack as we fish, brought to light the memories of my brother and I raiding the candy room in the theatre as my father worked. As the butterfly danced around my beloved dog, I was reminded of the love for animals we shared. When the sun beat down and glistened upon the water creating dancing fairies too beautiful for the eye to capture, I was reminded of our common Libra sun announcing the season of fall. The diplomacy created in this lifetime and perhaps lifetimes past.

It is late September as the sun rises later and sets earlier. The days sun cooler and natures echo longer. This last day of fishing on our beautiful lake is filled with gratitude for a summer of plentiful fish and the butterflies that brought me comfort. As I sat with paintbrush and paper in hand attempting to capture the morning light, I heard a distinct “Whish” and felt the air move around me. Looking up, a butterfly rested gently upon my arm. He stayed with me awhile allowing me time to say goodbye and recount the memories. The season for butterflies has come to an end, the season for grieving transformed, the season, and yes, the beautiful summer season of butterflies. And Dad. 

There are a thousand butterflies in each of our lives. A thousand reasons to cocoon and transform. Living and breathing offers us constant renewal, from the cells in our body to the spirit in our souls. As we live out the journey of our soul path we realize how important its is to write our own stories of the relationships we experience with ourselves, others and our world. These are the stories of us without judgement.  Our common ground is to love and be loved through all of our transformations.

In this time of uncertainty and fear, I send you all a thousand butterflies. Your story is never completed. It is simply waiting for the next chapter to be written. Your story of summer butterflies. Your story of you. 


Thou Shalt Not Blame, The 11th Commandment

Let’s start this blog by going back to the beginning. To the story of Adam and Eve. Most of us will know of this story in one form of another taken from the Old Testament in the Bible. Others know creation stories from Jewish and Islamic texts. Every culture, tribe and religion has its own narrative of the creation story. The Garden of Eden creation story involving Adam and Eve unfolds with Eve persuading Adam to eat the forbidden fruit from the Tree of Knowledge. It was Eve’s fault. She took the fruit, ate it and then, offered it to Adam who also ate the fruit. Now, Adam knew the fruit was from the forbidden tree and chose to eat it as well. And yet, here we are, reading and knowing the story, and blaming Eve. I wonder what might be different if the story read something like this. Eve took responsibility for picking and eating the fruit and Adam took responsibility for eating the fruit as well. Shared responsibility and the absence of blame. Why is it our human nature to blame?

As adults, blaming them, he or she makes us victims. When we consciously chose to decline responsibility for our words and actions we assume the archetype of victim. Telling our story, we often leave ourselves, our part, out of the narrative, therefore, reinforcing our role as victim. Blame is a generational family pattern of behaviour. It has served a function, however dysfunctional, in our wounding from the past. The outcome of placing blame outside of ourselves, victim mentality, implies powerlessness to change. We deny ourselves the ability to shift the narrative of our lives from blame-victim-powerless to responsible-truth-empowerment. As we change our narrative, taking responsibility, we begin to speak our truth. The truth from our own experience, perspective, opinion and world view. Truth speaking engages the words I and Me. Truth speaking and responsibility for my life choices and actions empowers my relationships with self, others, community and the global community at large.

All of us have been traumatized or wounded if we have lived long enough. This certainly has been our global experience the last 2 years. Blame serves no purpose other than to keep as stuck. When we take responsibility, speak our truth, we open ourselves up to exploration, knowledge, understanding, an alternative viewpoint, healing. Does the tree blame the hail storm for its damaged leaves and branches? Rather, energy is directed into healing, repair and regrowth. If we weather a storm of wrong action and words, do we blame and remain wounded or do we be speak our truth, initiating the healing process for ourselves and others.

We are living in a time of great change. A restructuring of how we live our lives and the choices we make. We have all been irresponsible for a very long time placing blame on everyone and everything except ourselves. Our truth had been hidden and locked in the basement deprived of light and love out of fear of change. The time is now to emerge from the cocoon constructed to protect ourselves from past wounding and trauma, past values and beliefs. We are responsible for own becoming. Close the book on the past and rewrite the story of your life. What do you you value? What/who do you love? What is your truth and who are you, really? There is no fault in speaking, living, and sharing your truth. It is not your responsibility to speak the truth for others. I am responsible for writing this blog. It is my truth and how I view the world. I chose to share it with all of you.

It is surreal to believe that we are to blame for the actions or inactions of other adults. That we are somehow responsible for their beliefs and views. I am responsible for me. I drank out of plastic bottles. I amassed items I did not need. I ate more than one person should consume. I reacted from a place of my wounding. I made mistakes in my parenting actions. Had I known better I could have done better. Blaming myself is not helpful going forward. Taking responsibility for change is. It is not too late to learn new ways and means. It does require an energy shift and a review of how we shift blame. I will take responsibility going forward for my choices and the impact on the planet, in my community and the people of all races on the earth. I can and will do better. There are many new commandments to be written for the times we are currently living. The ten we know are sacred teachings. Blame truly is a waste of precious time and energy better spent on creating a better world for generations to come. Change begins with me and you, with an open heart, a willingness to learn, a great desire to change and live life from a place of truth.


Once again, we are going to shift. We will shift our values of who, what, when, where and how we consume, connect or construct. The past year and a half, we have been inundated with media across social, political and institutional forums day and night. What we thought we valued has been called into question. Our values have been put to the test resulting in stronger adherence or tossing away and replacing. As we cocooned, turning our minds, bodies and spirit to mush, transformation did occur, however insignificant we may make it out to be. Emerging from this challenging time begs the question through this next shift. Do we remain dependant on the institutions and structures of the past to sustain us moving forward or, do we work diligently on self reliance and responsibility in all aspects of living.

It is evident our monetary system is rapidly giving way to digital currency restructuring our banking systems along with the global economy. Education systems will transform, along with health care models and religious institutions. We will watch the systems on which we built our trust and faith slip away, sand falling through our hands. Will our focus be on the shifting grains of sand or the prevailing winds leading us toward new lands. Foundations built on sand rarely stand the test of time.

To become dependant on ourselves is a big ask when we currently depend on large corporations to feed, clothe, and care for us. We have been force fed dependance for the last 50 or so years. Can we reach a compromise between the two? Where is the fine line between dependance and interdependence? The first step is to ponder the question. How can I take more responsibility for my own life and how I choose to live it? Can we learn to live with less? The ways and means are endless but, do require a shift in our thinking and actions. It asks that we get our hands dirty, rethink our idea of beauty, how our actions impact the earth, how we protect our most vulnerable populations, including nature and animals. Our health and how we nurture the vessel we have been gifted in this lifetime.

There is no doubt we will shift a few steps forward, a few backward and side to side. There will be slow dances, fast races and standing still. All this on top of shifting sands, thoughts and ideas. Quiet times and loud thunderous chaos. Old generations will make way for the new. The next generation will find their way. Today we can begin to shift, even just a little. One less meal a day, one less degree on the thermostat, one less new item, one block walked, one home cooked meal, one of anything begun. The shift begins and ends with each of us. Perhaps, we need to get comfortable with a little discomfort. Who said life was easy! Shift your old perspective and you will shift your life. Rebuild on solid foundations of self reliance. All the answers are inside of you. Find the courage to seek.

No Turning Back

As the year ends and 2022 begins, we realize our old world and ways of living are quickly dissolving. Into what form and shape going forward, we are unsure. There may be fear and anxiety felt in our deepest core of self. Others who are more adventurous, feel exhilarated and ready to take on the next adventure. Some are content to ride the river currents and simply go with the flow of life and living. However the coming New Year speaks to you, one thing is certain, we will be faced with unknowns, confronted with uncertainty and asked to reach deep inside ourselves and our souls.

As we wish for new things in life, be it a new home, new hairstyle, new job or whatever tickles our fancy as the old saying goes, we must first imagine. We imagine what we will look like, how we will feel, the consequences of our choices and the steps involved. In our imaginings the outcomes look positive and bright. We may experience some anxiety but, generally the imaginings we create brighten our future. There is no risk to ourselves in the first step of imagining. In times of uncertainty and chaos we may lose site of our imaginings. We want to hold on tight to what we know, what is and what was. How can we imagine a life in the future with so many unknowns?

It is our imagination that drives us forward. If we did not imagine we would never change or even dare to think of doing something different and new. Everything begins in the imagination. It is where rocket ships blast off, where children play, where new recipes are shared, where nature imagines a new earth. Where science and the minds of genius discover novel treatments and cures. Imagining is where you and I dream.

Imagine we will find a way through to build better communities, innovative ways to educate future minds and equitable distribution of resources globally. The imagination is a vast expanse. I would guess as vast as the Universe. It costs nothing to imagine and if we turn our imaginings into action in the smallest of ways, then we must agree the cost was worth it. Change begins in our imagination. Courage to turn our imaginings into reality is what we must reach deep inside to find. To explore new realities, new ideas, new ways of being and living on the planet we call Mother Earth. If John Lennon could Imagine, then so can we.

I wish you all a New Year filled with beautiful Imaginings. May you hold tightly the hand of Mother Earth as we walk together into the future. Be healthy and kind. Love with all your heart. A new tomorrow awaits.

Blog # 150

This is the 150th and final blog for “The Singing Soul” which began with a dream 3 years ago. What a journey it has been. I met amazing people and travelled to islands in the sea. I have visited mountains and lakes, listened to birds sing, painted pictures and I wrote a book. I have laughed and cried. And I have had dreams which led the way. I would like to thank everyone from every corner of the world who have followed and been a part of my journey. Writing and connecting through a vast technological network is humbling to say the least. I loved reading your comments and your own stories of life. No matter where we live on this planet, our age or gender, the human condition is common to all.

It is my hope that this blog has brought comfort, hope, understanding and inspiration through life’s struggles and joys. My own journey is no different from yours. This blog was part of my calling, a gift I chose to share. A gift I am grateful you chose to accept. May you always know there is sunshine after the rain. I live by the motto “this too shall pass”. Keep these words tucked close to your heart. Find your truth, speak your truth, live your truth. The truth of your soul is why you are here. Though our world is constantly changing and advancing the one constant in our lives is our purpose. Love yourself enough to live it.

May you find stillness and in your stillness find peace and in your peace may you hear your soul in the whispers of the wind. – Christine Wasnie

The End

Do not be alarmed by the title of this blog as the end always signifies a new beginning. I am simply finishing up the story book of my life to this point in time. I am closing it out. Finishing the last chapter, moving on, venturing forth. Saying goodbye. The future holds wide open spaces and new adventures. With blank notebook in hand, a pen and brush along with a pot of gold ink, my future is bright and shining gold.  A brand new book is calling to be written. Anything is possible.

I have been blessed with the gifts of flexibility and adaptability. Resilience. Whenever life has thrown me curveballs, I pause, take a deep breath, adapt and carry on. When I was younger this seemed much easier although the blow to my self-esteem harder. Now as I age, recovery takes longer, the blow to my self esteem lighter as I no longer value the opinions of others above my own knowing. I no longer hold tight to what no longer serves me. I let go of those who sap every ounce of my energy and are incapable of loving in a balanced manner. Give and take. There is no room for holding on in my life as that too saps every once of the remaining energy I hold dear in the third act of my life. The energy positive and warm filled with love is what I require to keep my heart beating for as long as is written on my soul.

I have made my peace with the stories I wrote that never came to fruition. These are the greatest sorrows in our lives. The stories we wrote about our hopes and dreams and the life we planned to live. The stories that have now faded into the night of forgotten tears. I have also felt great joy at the stories I have written that I never thought I could write. The stories of people I have met along the way, places I have visited, pictures I have painted, poems and dreams I could not ever have imagined dreaming. The courage to live the life I was meant to live.

For the stories that have lost their hope, I refuse to keep open pages waiting in the book of my life. You cannot hold open pages in your book for “some day”.  Instead, I choose to fill them with new ventures waiting patiently to be lived. Those empty pages are like the spaces we keep in our hearts, hoping with each beat, the space will be filled with memories written in the past. But reality and mindful living enlightens us with the knowledge that living in the past in not healthy for the soul. It creates gaps in our present life. One step at a time, we must move forward accepting that the narrative is finished. You cannot continue to write a story when the narrative is simply done.  The End.

The beginning. A wide open future. A new book begins. I can smell the newness of the pages and binding. As I open the cover and glance at the blank pages, possibility after possibility comes into focus. Page after page waiting to be written. Page after page waiting to be lived, painted and photographed. Page after page waiting for new characters to arrive. Page after page waiting to be shared. My new book calls to me, where have you been. The book you have just finished has been changing your life for a very long time. The time has come to write the truth of who you are. Accept that the old is finished and let go. Take a deep breath. Smile. Are you ready? Now pick up your pen filled with gold ink and begin to write again.

In closing I am led to acknowledge those I hold close through the trials and tribulations of this journey we call life. These are the people who support and love us without judgement. But until today no one has ever done anything so quietly graceful and beautiful. She simply said, ” I will pray for you.” These are the moments that fill the blank pages of our lives.

I Had A Dream

“Written Words”

In my last blog, I wrote about a life changing event experience.  This week I would like to share with you a life changing dream. We all dream. Some while they are asleep. Others while awake. A little bit of both perhaps. Dreams keep us alive in more ways than one providing hope and light, goals and ambitions, direction. Dreams allow us to visit with loved ones departed, places unseen, lands on distant planets. Dreams are an important part of our lives.

I had a dream. Before the time when I began to write and after the time of beginning my photography. Before I picked up a paint brush. A time of upheaval in my life and change. I never considered myself a writer. I thought I had nothing important to say keeping most of my thoughts and ideas inside my head, away from the world. I believed my purpose was to care and uplift others shelving my own needs and desires for some other lifetime. I was busy shuffling from here to there, building this and that, cooking and working and creating in my mind. And yet, when asked how I would describe myself by others, my answer never wavered, I considered myself to be a very creative person. (on the inside)

And then the dream fast asleep, relaxed, breathing deeply, floating. My brother had a best friend Gordie who died very young from a brain tumor. I knew him but, not well as my brother is six years younger than me. I was married and had children, life taking me in my own direction. But, he came to me one night in a dream or as I recall we met in a place somewhere between here and there. I recognized him immediately as he glowed with rosy red cheeks and a smile that lit the space we shared. He appeared so beautiful  and youthful that one could only say he was an angel. An angel with the essence of Gordie. He sat at a desk in a warm colored glowing room which I now recognize as the room in which I write this blog. He beckoned me to come towards him and the desk. I moved towards him and stood beside him. There was an overwhelming sense of peace and warmth and light. Comfort. He opened a book, smiling, and asked me to read. The pages were blank except for one line written in black ink. I tried to explain without speaking that I could not understand the words. Smiling still he explained, “You will.”

I left the dream and kept quiet about it for quite some time. And then, I began to write with thoughts and ideas coming fast and furious. I felt guided to write the blogs and stories I have written.  So much so, that many times I was awakened in the early morning hours compelled to journal my stories. The angel Gordie, my brothers dear friend, opened the door and guided me through. He welcomed me to the purpose of my life. The dream stays with me today and the feeling it evoked warms my heart. For you see, there are angels among us. They do bring great news and tidings of joy. I have shared the dream with a few close friends and now I share it with you. The world between reality and the veiled life within our soul is sheer and sometimes we are able to pierce through for brief moments in time to see our purpose and meaning. Other times, departed loved ones guide the way. They are angels among us and I have been blessed with the experience, the invitation to see what might possibly lie ahead. I had a dream, a beautiful dream that awakened me to living my life purpose.

This blog is dedicated to my angels mother, Marianne. I have wanted to share this story with you for a very long time. So glad I did.     



Life and Life Changing Events

Let’s face it, life has been surreal this past year and for more than one of us, the past few years. We are in a time of transition. A time to break out of old patterns of behavior, relationships, jobs, thinking, living, beliefs which no longer serve us or speak to the truth of who we are. Whether we are aware of this concept or refuse to take a look at the recent and past events of our lives, change is upon us. We are being asked to step up to the plate and reveal the truth of who we are.

In the recent past an opportunity to have my birth chart read by one of the most respected astrologers in our country fell into my lap. I had been considering this concept for many years and really enjoy reading and learning about astrology. The Universe fascinates me and my scientific mind to say the least. I was not disappointed. The information shared simply astounded me. A life changing event. It was the doorway for me to speak my truth, know myself and write my book. I describe it as becoming the emperor with no clothes. The courage to go through the doorway to writing a brand new chapter in my life. The reading was simply the pen, the tool. A profound life changing event.

Having your birth chart read is not for everyone. Nor is a tarot card reading or any other type of divination. Not even religion or spirituality. But, what is common is the search for inner purpose and peace in our souls. For divine guidance and answers. Understanding and knowing. To answer the big question of Why. There are several roads and tools to assist in answering this question. Deep meditation in any way, shape or form is beneficial. Time for contemplation and quiet to hear your own voice and connect with your soul. I believe everyone of us experiences a life changing event at some point in our lives to provide that understanding. Enlightenment. Aha!

Every experienced event changes the course of your life in some way. Whether it be travel, a move, a new job, a loss, a friend, illness, joy, love. Absolutely everything you live and love changes you right along with the cells of your body. Every change occurs so that you will finally come to know yourself and why you are here. And if you believe the stars in the sky were aligned in a certain pattern in the sky the day you were born, then that is OK too. Your beliefs belong in your own story of life not to be determined or written by others. All the others are just characters in your story. Some bring great laughter and joy, others pain and sorrow. All bring lessons in the dance of life. All help us in the search for ourselves.

So I encourage you to ponder the life changing  event or events in your life. What part of you was affected most. How did your life change and how did you perceive these changes. Did you take a victim stance or did you jump for joy at the possibility of a new life direction and opportunity. Can you look back with a tear in your eye or an upturned smile on your lips. Do you now live and speak the truth of who you are. Do you welcome them with an open mind and heart or do you cower in fear. Gratitude. Life and life changing events. Miraculous I say.


Stay Out of the Fray

Non-engagement is quite an old philosophy. Todays language speaks of “the fray”. Which ever language you use to describe battle, war, fighting or chaos, I think fray speaks of it well. Wise words they are. Good advice, yes. Why you might ask. Because no good comes from fighting and involvement in the battles and ensuing chaos created by others.

Non-engagement or away from the fray does not necessarily imply a do nothing attitude. Rather, the do something involves positive actions and words, creating win-win solutions, rising above the situation and seeing from a higher perspective. And yes, sometimes walking away all together when people and situations are intent on winning, a my way or the highway attitude, control and overpowering others. A stance of “call me when you are willing to create a positive solution”, is a powerful position of staying out of the fray.

There are people out there who thrive on creating chaos and battles with others. They do so because of the inner chaos they experience within themselves. Unable to deal with their own issues, they instead create problems with others and seek chaotic crowds intent on destruction to surround and join their merry team. Often convincing and passionate, charismatic even, everyone joins the bandwagon of battle. Now imagine yourself on the outskirts watching this bandwagon. How do you feel being apart from the fray?

Solutions are impossible once everyone has gone to war. For you see that is precisely when group think occurs. The leader is right, all knowing, all seeing. Everyone else just willing to do the leaders bidding, their own thoughts of justice ad fairness, what is right and wrong, gone. Adrenaline rushing, mouths flapping, emails and texting a twitter, gossip flying, lives ruined, hurt and bitter. The fray is not for the faint hearted. The fray is for the ego.

Stay out of the fray. Choose no side other than the side of your own knowing of what is fair and just. Keep your own counsel. Hold your own thought and tongue. For one day the fray may rise against you. Justice always prevails in the end. Keep your soul as your guide, your confidant, your truth. Your soul knows you cannot resolve the issues of the other. That alone is their own lesson to learn on the journey of their life. Stay out of the fray. Focus your energy on creating your own life.


I Write and I Paint Too

I love reading, writing and no, not arithmetic as the old saying goes, painting. Recalling early memories, I see myself happily painting picture books where the color was already imprinted on the pictures. You simply needed a brush and water to make the pictures magically come to life. I loved how the water moved the colors, blending to create new images. I imagine that is why today, I am enamored with Watercolor and moving paint in loose styles to create unexpected and delightful pictures. Colors blending and forming hard and soft edges in shapes unexpected and surprising. You never know what you might get!

Do I consider myself an artist. Absolutely not! I am a creator and find great joy in simply creating whether it be stories, painting or photography. The sheer abandonment of judgement and opinion from self or others opens the space for creativity to begin. Creating is healthy for my mind, body and soul. I get lost in the process of going within, listening to my soul beckoning me to explore my truth. To express my truth and how I see the world, a limited view of my own experiences and living. An understanding that I know I must create to live my own purpose. To respect my limitations and celebrate my abilities and gifts. To share and trust. To inspire others to abandon everything that others have told them and believed about what they can and can’t do, what they should and shouldn’t. To do what feels right for them.

Last week I painted a picture attempting a loose style of watercolor painting. I was pleased with the process and outcome. I am gently learning to let go of more rigid styles of creating. I post my paintings on social media sites and also enjoy seeing the paintings of other fellow creators. I posted my first loose style painting and the next morning I received a message from a friend whom I not seen in a very long time. You know how it goes, life takes us in different directions and we lose touch. The message was lovely and warm amid the chill of early morning in September. Upon reading the message, my intuition immediately told me that the picture belonged to her. Later that day I went to see her unannounced to deliver the picture as a gift. When I arrived we embraced and I gave the picture to her telling her that I had a deep knowing that she needed this gift at this time in her life.  My intuition never leads me astray and afterwards I question why I ever doubted its wisdom. The connection with my friend was warm and emotional. Yes, indeed life has been a challenge for her of late. Challenges we all face when life hits us like a wave, submerging us over and over struggling for air and breath. Understanding.

Creating and creations are meant to be shared, gifted with love. Creations are very much like the growth stages of our life. They begin in infancy, an idea, a spark of light. We choose to either nurture this idea giving it form and hope or we simply deny the possibility tossing it away. It is the energy we decide upon to either feed the spark or snuff it out that determines the outcome. As we feed it with inspiration and love it grows like a new baby. There are times when it falls but, if you don’t fall, pick yourself back up, you will never learn to keep on going. Persevere. As we find the courage to clean out the negative energy from our minds, the voice that says you are not good enough, that you could never create or comparisons to others, a new adventure begins. There is no greater judge than yourself and the voice in your own head which keeps you stuck. Everyone of us lives with the ability to have an idea. 

I started by taking one beginner class. I was blessed with a great teacher and artist who has the patience of a saint. Today, I continue to take his classes as he inspires me with his outlook on life and painting. He shares his gift with others in beautiful ways. And I still believe I am divinely guided in all my creations including writing this blog. But then again, aren’t all creations touched by the hand of God, Angels and Guides. Lighting our purpose. If you allow yourself to create, I can tell you this, you too will feel the touch of Divine inspiration. And once you do, there is no going back. Creating is what we are brought here to do. We were all created to create. To dream our dreams and bring them to life. Imagine that!